Never Had Any Problems with Your Car, so Why Need Breakdown Cover?

Reasons to Get Roadside Assistance Coverage

Whether you have a used or new car, breakdowns do occur at the worst possible time. Having emergency roadside assistance will give you the peace of mind not only for yourself but for the family also. Older parents or grandparents who are currently still driving should never be without any roadside protection.

Many people who drive just don’t have the experience or strength to deal with breakdowns. Have you have ever tried to get lug nuts off that have been air hammered at your local garage, good luck with that job. When a breakdown happens, the fear and stress starts.

Breaking down, even should you have the best coverage, can be a huge inconvenience. Some of us are dressed up and on our way to an event and sometimes running late. No time for arguing, you need help. What if a breakdown happens when your son or daughter is on the road alone or with friends? What happens should you take your beloved pet with your when travelling?

Below is just one reason a car could break down and what to do to reduce the chances of it happening to you.

Dead, Flat or Defective Battery

If you don’t have a set of jump leads and a good Samaritan to help, or a battery re-charger handy, the best thing to do is call for roadside assistance. Loss of voltage created by short journeys is a regular cause for flat batteries. To stop your car battery from getting flat, take the car on a long journey each week. Should this not be possible, an overnight charge should do the trick, all assuming that you have a battery charger. Loose or corroded terminals or clamp connections can create issues too.

A flat battery is the biggest reason breakdown services are called out. To reduce the chances of this happening, check your battery each month and in the winter each week. Many new batteries will be sealed, but should you have one that is not, check the water level and fill it using distilled water when the level drops.

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