How to Handle Yourself After a Motor-Vehicle Accident

Is It Enough to Know the Number of an Auto Towing Company in Order to Handle a Post-Collision Situation?

Handling road collisions is definitely not an easy task, especially if some of the people involved are hurt and the vehicles which collided were damaged severely and cannot be moved without the help of an auto towing service provider. In order to learn more about what’s best to do in such situations to manage them in a quick and efficient manner, we recommend you to read the sample instructions below!

  1. Get the cars which are involved in the accident moved. They may be disturbing the road situation, so in order to avoid other potential collisions in the nearest future, it is best to call an auto towing company as soon as possible. If, on the other hand, moving your car will cause more damage, leave it as it is and wait for orders from the authorities.

  2. Try to act as quickly as possible and be brief when speaking with the people around and the police. Be polite, but speak as little as possible to the other driver. Do not say that you are sorry or admit any fault for the collision. If you do and there are witnesses at this moment, this can be later used against you if a litigation is filed and a compensation is demanded.

  3. Gather information. You will need the name, phone number, license number, and details about the insurance policy of the other driver involved in the collision. Also, make sure that you note the condition of the other vehicle as well. If an auto towing service is required, check whether the other party’s insurance company will cover the costs related to booking it.

  4. Take pictures of the accident scene. This way you will capture the real picture not the one which you have in your mind (which is probably still in shock at that moment). You will later need them as evidence in case a personal injury and a property damage case is filed against you or you want to file such case against the other party. If you don’t take pictures from every angle, the other driver may take advantage of the situation. Make sure to document where the accident happened – that includes skid marks, and other parts of the scene.

  5. Don’t forget to call the authorities and contact your lawyer as well. Both of them need to evaluate the situation.

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